Friday, January 18, 2008

Mac World re-cap

I wrote about a few of these item in my column in Celebrity & Entertainment but here's a few more bits and bytes.

Not much new in the iPod realm. Pretty disappointing actually, the only updating was done to the Touch and the iPhone. (With a much beefier one for the iPhone)

One really cool addition was made to iTunes in the form of movie rentals. After download you can load up the flick onto your portable or watch it on your Mac or PC. After you start it up, you've got 24hrs before the file terminates. So that's kind of un-cool but still, not bad overall.

The Mac Book Air is another story altogether. It's a super-light 'n' thin notebook Mac that has no disc drives and no ports of any kind other than USB (to attach all the peripherals you'll have to buy). It also has a 'gesture sensitive' touchpad which recognises basic finger signs. It's also nice looking since it's encased in an aluminum shell. Yes, encased. In other words- you can't open it. You have to take it to Apple to change the battery. Some people are loving it and that's the thing I don't get. There are so many negatives to this thing that in no way could I recommend it to anyone. I would say that if you want to get a Mac just to try it out, then pick this up but really it's just too expensive for that at an $1800 price point.

And it's really just a laptop when the day is through. A really under featured laptop. Not good enough from a company I expect so much from.

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